Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Life as a Vegan - Day 22

I can't believe this is our 4 week of veganism coming up. We have not had any meat for 22 days. To be completely honest, we haven't missed it. I can't believe i am saying this. But we don't. I have really begun to cook. Not just heat up foods but actually cook them from scratch. I think I am also a bit gluten intolerant so for the next few weeks, I am cutting those out. That is tougher than not eating meat. I haven't dropped the weight as quickly as I had wished, so we are following Dr. Furhman's Eat to Live. This is our first week. :)

Last week I started Insanity. It whipped my butt. I also decided to no longer take birth control. Is this TMI? I decided that I didn't want to put anything in my body that was not natural. I contacted my Ob-gyn and she recommended an IUD....and IUD really??? The answer was no. Still looking for a better alternative to condoms so any advice would be good.

We found a fabulous vegan restaurant in Raleigh, we have gone for several date nights now. So excited about that. I have tried a few different things. Tim get the country fried meat-less steak. It's so yummy. It's called Remedy Diner!

I am working on reducing my stress level at work. I have not taken my laptop home in a while. I used to take it home every night. My role is wrapping up so I look forward to whatever the future brings.

I am also thinking more about going back to grad school. I will admit, this is a scary idea but I want to teach. It is challenging getting a teaching gig with only a Master's degree. Wish me luck.

Football season has started. There are some very good changes there as well that I will reveal in a later post! P.S. We have some amazing new recruits!!!

Finally, I was asked to work with my Black Poetry Peeps. Excited to be doing something creative again. I am getting in line with my intention.