Monday, November 28, 2011

My Life as a Vegan now Vegetarian - Day 69

It has been a while since I have written about my journey. I have added Transcendental Meditation to my route. I am having no problem giving up meat or eggs or milk. Cheese on the other hand is very difficult. It has casein and is just as bad as eating meat. I must be stronger. No more Mexican for a while.

The meditation has forced me to focus on what makes me happy and that has caused me to begin to make some changes, not all I can share today. I have been accepted and will be going back to school for my doctorate! Yeah! However, I am not going where I want to go for two reasons. Fear of not getting accepted and my hubby does not want me to leave. So I stay here to study. That is fine for now, but my desire to travel has grown. NC has never been my home. It is where I live with my husband.

I have decided that since I love to travel, I will make every effort to get out of town more often. My job has returned back to the travel position for which I was hired...this is nice. Except I cannot do theater because I travel a lot and cannot commit to rehearsals. This makes me sad. I can deal until I graduate. Then I can do shows during the school year and travel during the summers!

I still have a dream of living abroad. Mr. Holmes does not want to live abroad. I may have to go for a short stint. 1-2 years instead of the longer term I was planning.

I am finding the answers to my questions in meditation and this is great! I began my Spanish lessons on CD while on the road. I am supposed to be fluent in 10 days! Whoo! Hoo! Next is French!

Lastly is my health. This blog is about getting healthy, right? Well I started where I did because I have to heal all parts of me, not just my physical self. I had meat on Thanksgiving weekend only. I have lost very little weight which has been frustrating. However, I have not suck to any workout regime. Insanity was a bit more than I can handle. I have a major collection of equipment and videos that should have me in the best shape of my life but I am a failure in this endeavor. I cannot do it alone. I keep trying and I keep failing. I cannot trust myself in this area and it frustrates me to no end. i wish i could afford a trainer who would force me to do it. But I don't. There is only me and right now, I can't trust myself to keep my word to ME! Ugh!

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