Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 1 of Juicing

My husband and I started a juice fast today. Let me back up. I watched a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". Then I had a physical and was told I was borderline for Metabolic syndrome and that there were pills that I could take. Oh and those with metabolic syndrome were likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. I decided then and there that this was not going to happen to me. So i weighed in at 217.5 and my hubby weighed 353. We knew we were out of shape even though most of the week we, worked hard at eating a decent dose of veggies. Not so much fruit. Today, as expected I was a bit tired. However, no headache. I think because I had already weened myself off coffee. We will see what tomorrow brings. Days 1-4 are supposed to be the toughest.

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  1. I sure with you and your husband great success.
    Juicing is a wonderful way to get healthy, rev up your body's healing capabilities and just to simply have more energy daily. The body loves the juice from raw veggies. Easy to digest, very high in nutriants and antioxidents. You'll feel more alert and energetic. All this from a guy who used to do it but fell off the wagon. I need to get back in the game. You inspire me!