Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 5 of Juicing

This morning I woke up feeling great! I weighed in at 210.8 and the hubby @ 338.  Together we have lost 22 lbs in 4 days. Pretty amazing.  We decided that this reboot was a success. We will juice today and have a salad tonight. No regrets! Well what about stopping earlier than originally discussed. We realized that this was a lifestyle change for us. It was not about losing weight although that is part of it, it was about healing a disease although disease prevention was part of it. It was about leading a healthy lifestyle. We have bought Dr. Furhman's book called Eat to Live.

My husband even said tonight that he was committing to eating less meat. I almost fell out of my chair. He is craving a steak right now.

For dinner we went to Jason's Deli because they have organic veggies and they purchase from local farmers. I have a cup of organic veggie soup which was amazing. I had never had it before. I also got the salad bar. All fresh veggies. It was yummy. I couldn't finish it all. I did bring it home. The challenge with this new lifestyle is finding ways to use leftovers quickly. Without all the preservatives, food goes bad. I am used to packing the frig with leftovers. I got to change that habit.

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