Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 4 of Juicing

Woke this morning and weighed in at 211.8. Seriously?? Yes! Hubby weighed in at 340.5. Ok, so we decided to take it day by day. We are very pleased with the results. I can apply for health insurance and get a decent rate once I am under 200 lbs. That is my immediate goal.  I made tea today so hopefully I won't have those hunger pangs like I did before. It really would be good if I can keep this up through next week while working out. I have been going to bed early.  I have also been getting up early.  Odd change in my sleep cycle.

I must say I feel good. As far as the hubby, it looks like his hair is starting to grow back! That was wild. He doesn't like because he is used to being bald and now he will have more to shave, but for those wanting hair what a great way to get it. It makes me wonder if this affects testosterone...hmmm.....

More to come

Ok...I went through the afternoon and forgot about my last juice til about 5pm. Wow! The toughest is still on the way home when we would normally stop and have dinner or pick up take out. We are still taking it day by day, but it seems likely that we will add a salad in for dinner starting the weekend. The hubby was craving some chicago style pizza and steak. I don't really crave anything. I just miss eating. Weird huh? I have been told by a couple of people that I look like I am dropping weight and it's only been 4 days now. I do feel good. I sleep good.

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