Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2 of Juicing

Not too bad today. I was offered birthday cake. It was actually not too difficult to say "no." Not much hunger today. I made a pitcher of green tea and sweetened with fresh apple juice. It was yummy. I am getting the funky coating on my tongue but not too bad. I am hoping that my recent years of fairly healthy eating is what is making this do-able. About 6 years ago, I did the master cleanse and the first couple days were brutal.

I under-estimated the amount of food, so I have to make a pit stop by the grocery store tonight. I hope there are some good fruits to choose from.

I have noticed that I get really cold at work. I must admit that I am a cold-natured person. So I am using a blanket & sweater.  More to come...

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