Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3 of Juicing

Wow! It only gets better. Yesterday I had a couple of hunger pangs but they went away quickly when I drank my green tea. I sweeten it with fresh apple juice (yummy)! I am happy to report this morning I weighed in at 213.2. That is a loss of 4.3 lbs in 2 days. More importantly I got up at 5 am to make our juice and I am not an early morning person. My husband weighed in at 345.4. That is almost a 10 lb two days. Plus, he is noticing some other really good affects-if you know what I mean-It's amazing! I will say his headache last night was pretty rough. The weird thing is we are mostly just peeing. There very little poop. Not sure if that's cool so I will research it.

Yesterday I was tempted with some birthday cake for me, but I graciously bowed out. I am hoping to start working out next week.

Wow! It definitely got tougher today. OMG! I didn't have my green tea instead I did just plain ole water. Ugh! It was tough. My husband and I are both wondering if we bit off more than we could chew with a 3 week fast. Hmmm.... I told him I would not feel like a failure if I can do one week and then continue to juice for breakfast and lunch and eat a microbiotic dinner. He said he wouldn't feel like a failure if he ate a steak But he then said he wasn't going to do it. Stay Tuned

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